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Holiday Travel Essentials

Posted on December 12 2015

Let's get real for a second. We know this is the busiest time of the year.
We are struggling to find the perfect gifts, get the perfect prices, and traveling to see our families and friends. It's hectic to remember everything at once!
So if you're one of the few that will be leaving home for a while to spend time with those who really matter, Azzura Capri has got you covered, honey!
We've put together essentials to have for your trip whether it's somewhere warm like Australia or snow deep like Sweden. 
1. BUCKET BAG  <-(click here)
Every woman needs a great bag.
They say it holds their life and secrets.
When traveling, it is essential to have a bag you can rely on to last and keep all your important needs/luxuries. The one we're crazy about is by RUSKIN.
It's made out of Saffiano leather which is known for being resistant to water and scratches. 
This bag will stay fabulous looking for a long time in rain or shine.
2. COMFY DENIM <- (click here)
One can never go wrong with a great pair of jeans. If you're going to own a new pair of jeans, it better be great because who doesn't own a basic pair already? I'm talking about these Blue Blonde washed denim jeans by One Teaspoon. They are made of 98% cotton and 2% elastane. Cotton is necessary when looking for comfort towards the skin. Elastane has greater tear resistance and durability when compared to rubber! It brings functionality to these perfectly cut jeans by allowing it to hug your body in all the right places without feeling uncomfortable. So what are you waiting for? Get your pair now!
3. SECURITY BLANKET <- (click here)
If you've ever traveled before you know that it can get pretty chilly in an airport and especially on the plane. Nothing is more convenient than bringing a ruana poncho with you, or better yet, ON YOU. The Minnie Rose Cashmere Ruana Poncho is our go-to must have!

Cashmere retains heat, which is what makes it different other man-made fibers, wool, and mohair. It's lightweight but incredibly warming and dare I forget to mention .. luxuriously soft! Wrap this around you as a blanket and sleep your way to your next destination!

4. PARTY ATTIRE <- (click here)

STOP RIGHT THERE. If you're going away for the holidays, you can't leave without a party dress! There are so many different styles it can be overwhelming to decide what to wear and what would be right depending the party type. Well, they didn't come up with the acronym LBD for nothing! You can never go wrong with a Little Black Dress. We recommend BB Dakota's Atrus Dress. This dress will hug you in all the right places. It looks great in picture, but even better on (it's one of those pieces). The high neck makes the  dress conservative, but keeps it sexy by having the sheer edges near the arms. This dress is a "meet the parents" dress to a "night out with the gals". Trust me, you're going to be glad you brought a dress so versatile you'll want it in other colors.

5. SKIN SAVIOR (shop in Little Italy location)

If you're new to the skin world (maybe your not), moisturizing has been king to keeping your skin in its best condition. It is a vital component to your skin care regime when traveling! Moisturizer is your best friend. Whether its in a mask, serum, or lotion form - you should definitely pack one in your carry-on. NO QUESTIONS ASKED. Luminesce Daily Moisturizing Complex is our favorite. A couple things it claims is:

  • immediate hydration that also delivers 24-hour skin protection
  • within 2 weeks you’ll notice an 85% increase in intracellular hydration, while reduction in appearances of fine lines can be seen in under 2 hours
  • moisture is locked into the skin using a natural barrier of Red Seaweed extract
  • enjoy UAV/UVB protection using natural Green algae extract
  • even up your skin tone and reduce the emergence of age spots, thanks to a rich blend of vitamins contained in LUMINESCE™ daily moisturizing complex including Vitamin C
  • As a paraben free and oil free product, you have no fears of any adverse reaction to your skin

Shop this now in our Little Italy Location!


*SMELL GOODS <- (click here)

Can you imagine sitting next to a person all day on flight just reeking of bad personal hygiene? I'm sure you've had that experience before. Now imagine if that person was YOU? Okay! Let's not. Let's not go there. Let's save the day be pleasant to sit next to. ;-) Azzurra Capri brings you Velvet Rope from Apothia. This scent is made with pure oils so you've find it moisturizing as well. Inspired by an icy cold, dry vanilla martini spiked with absolute jasmine and a twist of grapefruit.  A sleek shape and durable bottle, it is perfect to keep on you at all times.


These are all of the items we found helpful for us when traveling, I hope that these helped you too! Don't forget we're doing 15% OFF for the holidays! So shop our items online or stop by our Little Italy or La Jolla location for more amazing items. 




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