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The Rise and Fall of Bell Bottoms.

Posted on November 14 2015

Most fashion experts will tell you that bell-bottoms originated in Europe in the mid 1960s as a new high fashion style but the design itself goes back nearly one hundred fifty year before that. 
Bell bottoms were worn by American sailors during the War of 1812 and then they were adopted by the British Navy in the 1850s.
But the experts are right: bell bottoms first came on the scene in Europe in the mid 1960s and those originals are considered a rare prize by vintage clothing enthusiasts.
In 1967, they arrived in North America and were immediately adopted by the hippie sub-culture.
Worn with love beads, granny glasses and tie-dyes, they became a signature look for those embraced free love, and peace.
In the 1970s then, bell bottoms entered mainstream society.
They sold well in both Europe and America and became part of the disco look in the mid '70s.
And now, my friends, flare jeans and bell bottoms are back!
The modern version though is more sophisticated than how the hippies of the 70s used to wear them. 
The ideal way to wear flares is in high-waisted form to help you best show off those curves, and we are here to show you our gorgeous options as flare denim and bell bottoms. 
Check them out down below and have fun shopping!!


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