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Pet Friendly Polish

Posted on April 02 2016

Every girl goes through the phase in her life when she discovers nail polish for the first time. It's always been a fun way to dress up your nails and keep them presentable. Unfortunately, many polishes today still test on animals and have harsh chemical ingredients such as Formaldehyde (this is banned for use in cosmetics in several countries). 

That is why companies started to step to the plate and lay vegan non-toxic polish on the table. This makes it possible for us to keep the same purpose we love nail polish for in the first place but remain harmless. We love that we have found a brand that we love the quality of and it's purpose is friendly! 

Law Beauty Essentials not only has vegan non-toxic nail polish, but they offer a clear coat and matte coat to keep things trendy. The colors not to mention are also amazing and definitely transformable. 


Play around with the colors and make your own unique design, or keep it simple and classy with one color. Don't forget to use that base and top coat to help the nail polish last longer! 

Happy Painting! xoxo, Kate

Click the photo below to see more of the amazing colors we carry in stock! 



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