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The Panama Hat

Posted on March 26 2016

If you're someone who isn't familiar with The Panama Hat or never thought to look into the history of it, then you probably believe it's from Panama (Well it is, kind of). They say whenever someone is looking to run a brick n' mortar store the location is the most important aspect. This is what will determine the traffic just by being there alone, assuming there isn't any other marketing involved. The original makers of The Panama Hat goes as far as the 1800s in Ecuador. This is where all these beautiful hats are originally made. However, Ecuador itself didn't get much population or traffic. Luckily, a boat trip away takes you to Panama where many people travel through and visit. This
would be the perfect spot to sell your hats and make it world famous!
Voila! Today, we see many celebrities and fashion bloggers strut in their Panama hats, a simple yet finishing touch of accessory to any outfit. 
We adore the idea of these authentic hats and the story from which they came from. Here are a few new ones we picked up for our lovely store! Shop away and get your own Panama Hat. Simply click the hat of your choice, and we'll bring you to the correct page! (-;


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