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Three Easy Ways to Accessorize your Casual Outfit

Posted on February 20 2016

Three Ways to Accessorize your Casual Outfit

Hi Capri babes! I'm sure we're all feeling a little excited about the fact that it's finally getting warmer! (Unless you're a cold lover) In which case, why?! I'm positive I'm not the only one excited about this weather but for some reason I'm still wearing lumpy sweaters, grey shirts and black pants. I've got my winter clothes in my closet still and I'm just too lazy to break out the shirts and shorts! If you're anything like me, you've gotten use to this casual dressing with the lack of color. While black is always sexy and "In", we can easily add a few accessories to change the entire mood of an outfit. 

One. Shades

Shades are absolutely perfect for the warmer season because it protects your beautiful eyes! What more if you pick some stylish shades! You know we're an Italian inspired store so we had to mention these made in Italy D'blanc shades. Vintage inspired but you can still dress these in a chic style to make them feel more couture. 

D'Blanc Sonic Bloom Sunglasses


D'Blanc The Guilty Pleasure

Two. Scarves

Scarves aren't just for the winter! Especially when they're cloaked in bright colors such as pink, orange, green, and yellow! These TerraCotta scarves are our favorite because they bare cute colors and characters such as crabs or turtles on them that resemble creatures most noted from the beach or summertime! Top this over your head as a cute headband, or wrapped around your neck for an effortless feel.

Terracotta New York "The Cary Crab" - Summer Night


Terracotta New York "The Selby" Sea Turtle - Blood Orange

Three. Purses

Purses are something that most women don't go without today. In truth, everyone needs a black purse. Black purses match everything! But that's not the point of this post is it? It's about spicing up your already massive collection of black apparel and adding this spunky one of a kind bags! They bring fun and a sort of whimsical feel to the look. You'll surely turn heads with these purses. Let these be the statement pieces to tie your whole look together.

RM Custom Clutch from India


Palomino Fringe Purse

These are the top three ways we thought would be perfect to add to your otherwise everyday outfit to make it more spring appropriate. You can also utilize these accessories for every season which it why it's so great! Just change up the patterns and textures and there you have it. If you have any questions, comment below. Don't forget to like and follow us on our Social Medias to get special discounts! (-;

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