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5 Reasons YOU Should Go Nude!

Posted on February 13 2016

Five Reasons You Should Go Nude!

   So maybe you're like me and you've been living under a rock or  you're just not familiar with the current trends (cause in a busy life who has time for that!), let me fill you in: Neutrals are killing it on the Runway this year!

   It's been seen on fashion Instagram influencers and now on the runway by designs we've come to know and love. It's become the go-to color for almost everything. There has always been different shades of nudes, whether it's neutral, yellow, pink, or on the peach side.

    These undertones are used when considering apparel, cosmetics, and interior decorating. Nude is a color that is simple, classic, yet sleek and sexy. Read the five reasons we believe Nude is the new Black for this year and shop some of our favorite nude pieces in store. 

 Saint Laurent rocking the neutral tones NYFW 2016



Without further adieu, our five reasons:


Uno. It's Versatile

There is nothing you cannot wear with nude. It's looks great with just about everything. Take a great nude colored lipstick. Perfect to wear with any eye look, for everyday with every outfit. It never tries to compete with anything. Nude nails always look so clean and fresh! It's just simply as it is.


Dos. Classy Classic

It gives just as much as a timeless look as a little black dress. The reason why people are so in love with Black is because it compliments everyone. Just as nude does. It's a safe color, and always keeps a fresh classic look. 


Tres. Effortless

Who doesn't love an effortless morning/look! If you're looking to work harder in the morning then why are you reading this! If it's one thing we know about the color Black, its that it's so effortless to chuck the color on over and with anything. The same can be said with Nude, of course! Nude has just been trending a lot more lately. It's also appealing to almost every eye. 


Cuatro. Sophistication

Nude brings elegance to everything and makes us feel more sophisticated. Take for example your professional simple Nude heels, your Nude bag that, that Nude lipstick that paris so well with a smoky eye and keeps you from looking too drag. Nude screams sophistication and elevates any outfit.


Cinco. Simplicity

If we haven't established how great Nude is already. This just tops it off the cake. It doesn't ask to be seen, it cloaks us with a subtle hint of color. Simplicity is always elegant. It can be dressed up and down. It especially doesn't try too hard.


Take a peek as some our newest and favorite items that vary on the Nude scale. Creams, beiges, vanillas, etc! 

Rosa mariposa Raffia Clutch

Azzurra Capri Giulia Sandal

Tularosa Birkin Sweater

Tularosa Violet Faux Fur Coat

Blank NYC Between the Sheets

Minnie Rose Cotton Fringe Scarf


Pair these jeans with these amazing creamy nude pieces and accessories listed above!

Blank NYC Vegan Leather Leggings

 McGuire Denim Flare Jean


Hope you all love the pieces we've selected! Shop for these items now what are you waiting for? (-; Stay Nudin'! 


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